Bridgewater Candles

From your Ggirl Model ‘On the Go’ Kendra!

The Bridgewater Candle Company offers a variety of amazing scents that fill your entire house. Besides these fresh wonderful scents, this company offers something special called “Sharing Blessings”. Bridgewater is committed to feeding and nurturing children in developing countries.

Through a partnership with Rice Bowls, Bridgewater donates a portion of each jar candle sale to different orphanages internationally. Every candle purchased feeds a child for a day. On each candle there is a tag with the name, picture and a short description of the child you are feeding. When I light my candle I am reminded of the good deed I have done while the aroma of fragrances take over my home!

You can find Bridgewater Candles at the Mos garden store in Jacksonville Beach or at Bellezza Salon and Boutique in Ponte Vedra Beach.

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