Meet Your GModel On the Go: Karrigan

My name is Karrigan Creamer I am 18 almost 19 yrs old. I currently live in a little town in the middle of nowhere in Texas called Paris we have an eiffle tower with a cowboy hat on top of it. I am recently married to the greatest man I’ve met (other than my dad of course).
I’m trying to start college to become a veterinarian, that is my dream and in 8 yrs will be my dream come true! I am beyond honored to br chosen to be a GModel on the go! I can no wait to see what this journey holds in store for myself! Original piece has some of the cutest and most comfortable clothes I’ve ever worn! the best part they aren’t crazy on prices. (can’t beat that) I can not wait to show our amazing followers all thay we have in store for everyone!

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