What Being Miss Original 2016 means to Me…

Being Miss Original 2016 means that I am the original woman that I have always strived to be. I have never been a girl to have a stereotype or follow the ways of other people. My favorite quote is, “be yourself; everyone else is taken,” by Oscar Wilde. The more original you are, the more happy you are because you will only be comfortable with yourself when you are truly yourself. I won’t be happy if I act like someone else. People are scared that if they don’t conform to society that they will be judged, when actually it is the people that don’t conform to society that set the standard of what is “cool” and original.
What makes me original is that not only am I a model and a professional dancer, but I also love hunting, fishing, mudding, shooting guns, jet skiing, wake boarding, and traveling. It is sometimes hard to find friends who like the same activities as me, but that is okay this is who I am. I love the country, the beach, the football field, and being in front of the camera. That’s what makes me original, and that is what I love about being Miss Original 2016. I can be exactly who I am! But the one thing I love the most about being Miss Original is that I can openly express my love for God. He has given me this opportunity to spread His love and glory to those who follow. I am so blessed to be Miss Original 2016!

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