This Photo…Need We Say More?

It’s FRI-YAY and that means we are so excited to share our new Ad Campaign with you! This photo is absolutely stunning and it was taken by our photographer, Ralphi, from Ralphi’s photography!
The gorgeous vintage setting and amazing colors makes this one of our all-time favorite ad campaigns ever!
The weather was perfect out (which wasn’t something we were planning). It is Florida and that means unpredictable weather 24/7. But we held our breath and prayed that the weather would be clear even if it was only for a few hours. Luckily the weather by the ocean was amazing and skies were clear.
Some of our readers might know Ralphi, but if you don’t she is only 16 years old and a professional photographer. Finding her passion at the young age of 12 she has been our professional photographer for 2 going on 3 years now.
Her work becomes better each shoot we do and we absolutely love the attention to detail. She makes our models feel at ease with her care-free, laid back quiet confidence. She knows when she gets the shot and sometimes it takes on a few minutes to capture what others might not see to their eye. She has the eye for detail and the eye to capture that trait you might not see in yourself.
She makes Original Piece come to life with her flawless eye of seeing the ‘original’ in everyone.
So sit back and get ready. This is just the beginning. What do you all think of our latest ad campaign?! I know we all wish we were in this amazing photo! 😉

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  1. Reblogged this on Ralphi's Photography and commented:
    Thank you Original Piece Mag! It is always a fun time when we do shoots together! I am blessed to be with such a wonderful company! <3

  2. This new ad campaign is beautiful! I wish I was in that shoot! I’m always inspired by your new pics! Perfect! xoxo
    -Miss GG 💋

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