Meet Julia…

Meet Julia
Meet Julia

Meet Julia

‘Hi name is Julia! I’m original because I overcame being bullied and beat depression. My parents got divorced when I was 13, and leading up to their divorced, I was constantly bullied at school. I was bullied for my frizzy, curly hair, my pale skin, my height, how I dressed, and my big eyes, leading to depression and anxiety at a young age. Years passed, until one day I had enough. I realized I AM beautiful both inside and out. I realized my qualities and talents make me an all around beautiful person, despite what others said about me. It took a lot of courage and strength to beat the depression, but against all odds, I was determined and I made it possible. Now, after 5 years of being in a divorced family, I am in two blended families with 5 other siblings and two new parents who love and support me. I love to express myself through my fashion, makeup, and hairstyles. I have ended up setting trends at my school because of my original styles! I love the caring, loving, driven young lady I was and the one I came to be. My motto is “you have to go through the tough times to appreciate the good ones.”- Julia

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